Real Time Performance Intelligence


RTPI Systems give agencies the ability to capture, analyze, and visualize data from small lightweight sensors to provide location, motion, distance, speed, and other performance information. These are all factors that provide complete visibility of the physical location, motion, and other performance metrics of students, as well as offer instant notification of changes in those metrics. Similar systems have been adopted by the National Football League, NASCAR pit crews, aerospace and automobile manufacturers, and hospitals in order to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Law enforcement agencies interested in saving time, saving money, and ultimately saving lives can use RTPI Systems to enhance and augment their existing training personnel, curriculum, and technology.

In this white paper, learn what Real Time Perfomance Intelligence Systems (such as TEAMWorks) are and how they can make training and operations more efficient and effective while saving time and money. This white paper discusses:

  • The Evolution of RTPI and RTLS
  • The potential uses of RTPI systems
  • The potential benefits of RTPI systems
  • Cost estimates for deployment of an RTPI system

To watch a video demonstration of TEAMWorks RTPI, click here

TEAMWorks White Paper